Make your IBM i (AS/400) applications communicate with PHL Exchange

How about giving up on flat-file exchanges?

PHL Exchange is an intuitive, business-oriented solution for exchanging structured data between the various systems in your information system.

Would you like to manage message exchanges in XML or JSON with other platforms? Developing Web services? PHL Exchange is the generator of programs for analyzing and processing the data exchanges your businesses need to innovate.

Automatically generate XML or JSON flow analysis programs

In EDI mode

This batch program can transform XML or JSON files into DB2/400 files and vice versa.

The program generated integrates the classic functions of an XML parser with all the necessary processing in a single module. This is a clear simplification compared to the traditional step-by-step EDI logic.

One of the components of the EDI mode is an automaton that automatically receives and sends files via the FTP protocol. Other robots can also be used!

In Web Services mode

PHL Web generates either a server program or a client program, or both.

The server program receives and processes requests, while the client program sends requests and processes responses from the server.

SOAP mode

SOAP mode is a variant of Web services mode, based on the SOAP protocol. In both cases, an XML stream transmits requests and responses via a Web server.

Intuitive processing of xml OR JSON feeds without syntax knowledge

elegant, efficient graphic interface for easy development

edi mode, web services mode or soap mode

Simple to install, easy to use.

Fast results. Cost control.


The installation of PHL Exchange is accompanied by a user training program to help users get to grips with the product.


In addition, PHL Exchange automatically encodes special characters.

PHL Portail: the complete runtime environment supplied with all PHL products. It's a high-performance graphics solution that incorporates all the advances of the web and modern workstations.


For developers

The PHL Portal lets you set up programs, create users or groups of users, and assign them the necessary rights according to their responsibilities. It is secured by profile or by user group.

For users

Just like a Windows application, the PHL Soft toolbar can be customized to include the most frequently used applications and utilities. All PHL Soft programs run in the PHL portal.

Frequently asked questions


Does this apply to all types of AS/400?

PHL Soft solutions run on IBMi machines equipped with at least release V7R1 (the oldest release still supported by IBM).

Which web browsers are compatible with PHL Soft?

For developers, iE 11 is required.

On the user side, Chrome, Firefox and Edge can be used (with a few security-related restrictions).

How are PHL Soft solutions installed?

Each customer receives the complete PHL Soft solution kit. Depending on the solutions purchased (PHL Web, PHL XML, PHL Query, PHL Print or PHL Mobile), activation keys are issued to start working.

Why choose PHL Soft solutions rather than rewriting applications?

Rewriting a business application means running the risk of losing all the company's business knowledge, as these applications are generally quite old and often have little or no documentation.

How long will it take to get the new programs into production?

New programs can be implemented very quickly if you work in phases. In the first phase, the application is taken over as is thanks to a rapid one-shot conversion, identical to the 5250. In a second phase, it can be improved over time.

How much does a new program with PHL Soft cost?

The cost of a program generated by a PHL Soft solution is de facto much lower than when applications are redeveloped (it is generally considered that it takes as much time to redevelop an application as to write the initial program).

PHL Soft solutions dispense with the analysis of the existing system as a reengineering phase (unlike program rewriting): the process is therefore far less time-consuming and therefore far less costly than new development.

How are users of the generated programs managed?

The PHL Portal module enables developers and administrators to create users and manage their rights.

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